After-sale warranty terms

According to the national “Three Guarantees” service provision, the music angel product Three Guarantees service policy is as follows:

Product return policy:
(1) Within 7 days from the date of sale of the product, a performance failure occurs and the consumer may choose to return, exchange or repair.

(2) Within 15 days from the date of sale of the product, a performance failure occurs and the consumer may choose to exchange or repair.
    I. After-sales service provided by the company
From the date of purchase, if the product is subject to quality problems under normal use, the whole machine will be free of charge for one year. After more than one year of service, the user will be exempt from the labor cost, and the user of the replaced part will be paid at the cost price.

· 1. Consultation service: If the user encounters any problem in the course of using, he can call the user service hotline: 0755-29671408, 29671508 to consult or login official website.

· 2. Replacement service: If there are quality problems caused by the manufacturer during the replacement period, the user can go to the dealer for a free replacement (appearance damage, for warranty treatment), or send to the factory for replacement.

· 3. Warranty service: During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service; there is no after-sales service center, and the user can entrust the dealer to carry out the warranty service. Or send it back to the factory for processing.

· 4. Maintenance Service: If there is any quality problem outside the warranty period or belong to the product of the exclusion, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or commission the dealer to request repair service.

· Second, the scope of warranty:

· From the date of purchase by the user (invoices or valid sales documents), failure occurs during the warranty period and is verified by an authorized service center or repair station of the company, and it is confirmed that the product is in normal use due to the quality of the product itself. The resulting failure is guaranteed free of charge.

· Exclusions:

· (1) No three-packet service cards, no valid sales vouchers, and a production date of more than one year;

(2) The three-pack service card or sales voucher was smeared, changed, and the contents of the product indicated in the three-package service card and sales voucher were inconsistent with the actual product;

· (3) Man-made damage (for example, the user disassembles his own device, performs improper connection, uses a power supply with an inappropriate voltage, or is not used according to the instructions);

· (4) Damage due to handling, falling and other accidents, and damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters;

(5) Repaired and modified by a service unit or individual not authorized by the company;

(6) Quality issues are limited to performance failures and do not include subjective objections from the user to individual sound quality, timbre, etc.;

(7) The natural aging, wear, and consumption of consumables such as casings.

· Contact information:

· For any questions during the use of the user, call 0755-29671408; 29671508 for service support.

Authorized service outlets around the country can browse our website: