• How to download music on the computer TF card?

    A: The TF card into the smart cloud audio, TF card which will automatically generate a "favorite" folder. Users will download the MP3 format music or story on the "Favorites" folder, and then press the sound of the "Favorite Key" TF / E C, smart cloud audio player starts playing TF card stored in the MP3, music.

  • Intelligent cloud audio Why can't the QR code on the scanning manual download the app?

    A: If you can't scan it out, you can search for “Amoy Cloud Interactive” app directly in the mobile app market.

  • How does the intelligent cloud audio switching network connect (choose a new network)?

    A: Press and hold at the same time: micro-chat button + power-on button to start, when you hear the prompt tone, you can release the micro-chat button, open the mobile phone Taoyun interactive APP, click add device, connect the smart cloud sound according to the prompt tone, and then return Taoyun Interactive APP, add a local network to switch to connect.

  • Can the smart cloud audio boot recognize the network?

    A: Yes, if it is connected before, it will be automatically identified and connected. If you replace the network, please refer to the first article to reconnect to the network.

  • What format does the intelligent cloud audio download resource support?

    A: AVI, MP3, WAV, it is generally recommended to use MP3.

  • Can smart cloud audio not be used on the Internet?

    A: Yes, but you have to insert the memory card to store or collect the content before you can use it. If you don't have Wifi, you can use the mobile phone hotspot. Special attention: Apple's mobile phone hotspots need to reserve the Apple mobile phone in the hotspot interface, and the intelligent cloud audio can be found. The Apple system needs to be set up.

    Using a mobile phone as a hot spot requires two mobile phones to operate, one mobile phone as Wifi, and another mobile phone to operate and connect! After the connection is successful, the follow-up only needs to open the hotspot with the successfully connected mobile phone, and the audio can be automatically connected.

  • What is the maximum supported TF card?

    A: 32G

  • How long does the intelligent cloud sound last?

    A: Playing music, the medium volume can be put for about 8 hours.