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2018 translation machine top ten brands list _ translation machine brand Daquan
2018-11-14 21:49:39
1. University of Science and Technology News
Founded in 1999, Keda Xunfei Co., Ltd. is a national key software enterprise specializing in intelligent speech and language technology, artificial intelligence technology research, software and chip product development, voice information service and e-government system integration. The company's intelligent voice core technology represents a high level in the world.
2. Music Angel Translator
The music angel translation machine is an urgent need for the AI artificial intelligence market. It integrates multi-functional integrated translation products such as language translation, photo translation, dating group and wifi sharing. Translation machines are widely used in foreign trade, traveling abroad, learning foreign languages and other scenarios. The appearance is exquisite, compact and sleek, and can be carried around with the palm of your hand. With its own LED display, the accuracy of the translation machine is as high as 97%, and the translation is completed in 0.3 seconds. At present, the music angel translation translator supports 16 languages, which can translate Chinese, Cantonese, English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic. Really realized "one machine in hand, travel all over the world."
3. Pigeon
The Tudor Translator is a shared Wi-Fi interpreter. It is jointly produced by Baidu and Tudor. Based on Baidu's speech recognition synthesis and neural network translation and other artificial intelligence technologies, it integrates the global cloud communication technology of Tudou's own patents. The Chinese, English, Chinese and Japanese translation modes automatically recognize the language, realizing one-click voice real-time translation, so that the translator really bid farewell to the two-button era.
4. Global translation
Global Translation is developed by Shenzhen Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. It is an Android custom mobile phone pre-installed with translation app. It is mainly for educational electronic products of student groups. Its offline simultaneous translation machine V100 can translate 19 languages offline, accurate The rate is average, and the price of this product is higher.
5. Autotoll
Quick Translate is the world's first Chinese-English electronic dictionary launched by Hong Kong Quanzhi Group in 1989. It has been 28 years since it was used. It has long been synonymous with electronic dictionaries. It is essentially two concepts with translation machines and is not suitable for communication.
6. Hanwang
Hanwang is an electronic dictionary scanning pen. It is a research and development company of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd., which is an influential e-reader in China, but it is not an artificial intelligence translator. Hanwang Technology has four core technologies: handwriting recognition technology (software technology for recognizing handwritten characters), handwriting input technology (hardware technology for inputting handwritten information), OCR technology and embedded software and hardware technology.
7. INTERTALK / Korea
It is not clear whether it is domestic or Korean. The appearance, operation and function are the same as those of the global translation. The same function looks very, very much, the actual application is in the pre-installed translation software "fool translation", machine pronunciation, speed is very fast. The same is very expensive and practical.
8. Newman
Newman is an electronic translation pen developed by Beijing Newman Soaring Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 1996, the company integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of large-screen display devices such as projectors, broadcasting platforms and mobile phone accessories. high-tech enterprises. Now it has become one of the well-known brands in China's digital industry. It has won dozens of domestic professional titles including CCTV, Computer Newspaper, Computer World, Caijing Shibao, Zhongguancun Online,, Netease, Brand China. Nearly a hundred awards from the media and awards agencies.
9. Quasi-child translation machine
The quasi-child translation machine supports Chinese translation of English, English, Japanese, Thai and Korean in 23 languages. The language is multi-faceted and accurate. It also has LED touch screen, which mainly solves cross-language communication problems. It is very suitable for people from abroad and coming to China. Foreigners are widely used in travel, shopping, entertainment, and friendship.
10. Translated eggs
The Taobao translation is a language translation product launched by Netease and the first intelligent hardware. The small, easy-to-use "translation egg" has a powerful inner "core" - built-in neural network translation, supporting translation in 12 languages, enabling high-quality portable translation. At present, the translation of eggs supports the translation of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Western, Portuguese, Thai, Indian, Italian, German and other 12 languages.